Our beloved Karen Aline Zink was born Dec. 28, 1946, and went to Heaven on Sept. 12, 2019. Karen was 72 years old.

Karen met her true love, Ed Zink, in Reno, Nevada. After a brief courtship, she proposed and they eloped! It was spur-of-the-moment and they were married five minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve 1967. This began a lifelong adventure where they were together through thick and thin for the next 52 1/2 years. They were truly best friends. She was whip smart, with a quick wit.

Karen was a gifted cook for everyone who came by. She wanted our house to be where all the kids came for fun. She was a voracious reader and loved the outdoors, especially the ocean, or a great mountain view with a giant campfire to end the day.

It became difficult for Karen to leave the house in recent years. She had a big heart scare in late 2010 and we did not know if she’d survive. She did! Karen was a fighter and emerged with a new appreciation for life. The last nine years have been a gift.

Karen was extremely generous, especially with charities. Her life experience compelled her to give back with her time and money. She cared about her church, helping the poor and homeless, the local food bank and national causes too numerous to mention. It fulfilled her these last few months, as she became more home bound.

She and Ed had two children on Earth, Ed (Marcie) and Michon (John). Christine was already waiting for her in Heaven. She had three grandsons that she adored, Will (13), Caleb (6) and Brady (4). And they adored her back! Her younger sister, Candy, was also a lifelong friend. She leaves behind too many to name, but so many people mattered to her, and we thank you all for what you meant to our little mom.

Her faith was real and long-lived. She told us often she wasn’t afraid to go. At the end, we were reassured and comforted because we knew where she was going and that she will be waiting for us. She was very much at peace. Karen would want you to hug those you love and give to the things that you care about. In lieu of flowers, give a little extra time or money to a cause that matters to you.