June Guinn passed away May 31 at home after a long illness.  June Marie was born June 18, 1955 to James Charles and Margaret Catherine Nelson.  She was the second of two daughters.

Mother said she was born with a head full of brunette hair, lively green eyes, and a strong will.  As her sister, I definitely saw a very fiercely independent person.  As a small girl, she avoided mother with the hairbrush to brush her hair.  Her shoes or socks never stayed on her feet, even running out in the snow sometimes.  Growing up, we had our battles.  Our dog “Goldie” was referee.  She also enjoyed staying at our grandparents farm in Fromberg and was quite a farm girl.  Even as a toddler, June milked cows, helped feed chickens, rounded up the cows from the pasture to the barn in the evening with grandpa, and helped plant potatoes and pick apples.  One thing is true.  My sister always had my back.  She confronted people on several occasions when she felt I was being treated unfairly.  I welcomed this, as I chose to ignore these situations.

June was gifted with determination and a good work ethic.  In junior high she helped a friend sell  popsicles from a bicycle freezer. In high school she rode a bike to work at the concession stand at the Motor View Drive-Inn, where our dad was a projectionist. During the summers between her junior and after her senior year of school she traveled with the fair, Art Fraser Carnival,  throughout Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico with a group of girls who worked cooking and serving from a privately owned  food trailer.  This was a learning experience for sure.  I was very proud of her courage.  She met her husband Mick Guinn on her travels and gave birth to her son Joseph Christopher in 1978.

June worked various jobs, at restaurants, housekeeping at motels.  She took a commercial cooking course at Billings Vo-tech. She worked at St. Vincent’s Hospital in housekeeping right up until the birth of her son. She divorced when Joseph was two years old.  She then took a leave of absence from the hospital and went back to school to become a Licensed Practical Nurse.  All she had for funds were a PAL Grant and earned extra money cleaning at the college.  She completed that task in only one year.  She moved in with me during this time and we shared raising our two boys.

She went back to St. Vincent’s and worked till 1985, until there was a large layoff.  She then went to work for PNNP (Professional Nursing Pool), now Interim, and worked until her disability in 2013.

June loved animals and older people.  She used to always say talking to an older person is like reading a book.  They have so many stories and life experiences to share.

She was preceded in death by our parents Margaret and James and son Joseph.

We will miss her strong spirit and great wit, as well as the advice she gave freely, even if not agreed with.

You always had our back.  We know you are back home in heaven with everyone we have lost and are not in pain anymore.

In honor of June’s life, feel free to make a donation to an organization of your choice.

There is an informal memorial picnic planned in her honor at the Fromberg City Park at 1:00 PM, Saturday June 30.  RSVP would be appreciated to e-mail address magnoliablsm60@gmail.com.  Please feel free to bring a food item and your own lawn chair. Barbecued hamburgers, bratwurst, and hot dogs; brownies for desert, and cold drinks will be provided.