Peytyn Anne Christensen passed away peacefully at home in the arms of her parents, on Friday February 22nd, 2019 after a long battle with a brain tumor caused by complications from NF1.

Peytyn was born on August 21st, 2007, in Billings MT, to parents Mark and Andrea (Moline) Christensen.

Peytyn was an angel on earth from the day she was born.  Her tumor was discovered at the age of two, and she fought it like a true warrior until the minute God took her home.  Peytyn has touched countless lives with her zest for life and love for all people.  She was a shining example of the way everyone should strive to live their lives.  She talked the talk and walked the walk, literally. Visiting with people was one of Peytyn’s favorite things to do.  There wasn’t a person who crossed her path that stayed a stranger for long.  Every conversation she struck up began and ended with a compliment and a smile… and she truly meant it from the bottom of her heart.  Although legally blind, doing arts and crafts with her mom was ranked right up there with talking.  No one left her house without a personalized gift or drawing.  Houses and hospitals around the country have art work on display created and signed “Peytyn Christensen”.  Some of her other loves included camping, music, dancing, fashion, and playing with her dogs.

She always insisted on putting others first. Whether it was telling nurses to take care of the crying baby in the room next door, or being more concerned about how her family and friends were doing just hours after coming out of her own surgeries. Her overwhelming compassion for all could be seen in her actions.  After being bullied in school one day, she came home and told her grandma about what had happened.  With wisdom beyond her years, she then explained, “It’s okay grandma, they are just kids.  One day, when they grow up they will understand and feel bad for bullying me.”

Peytyn had an unshakable faith. Her belief in Jesus gave her strength as she navigated through her own journey. She loved to go to church. One Sunday morning while getting ready to go to church, she started to get one of her terrible headaches. Headaches meant immediate trips to the ER and a likely life flight to Denver. Peytyn, trying to ignore the pain, told her mom “no mom, we can’t go to the ER now, we need to go to church!” They didn’t make it to church that day, but were flown to Denver instead. When the team of doctors and nurses were taking her back to the operating room, her mother, in tears, would not let go of her hand. Peytyn looked at her mom and said, “Let go mom, it is okay, Jesus and God will take care of me.” The wisdom of a child.

She loved her family and friends fiercely and never missed an opportunity to let them know that.

We want to thank everyone for their prayers and support for Peytyn over the years.  It would be impossible to mention everyone personally for all their support.  To name just a few who made such and impact on our family.  Dr. Paul Kelker, Dr. Jennell Duey, Dave Evans with Montana Hope Project (Disney World trip for Peytyn and her family), Vision Net (Mark’s employer), Kevin Welter, Sean Graves,Peytyn’s social worker Sarah Blackburn, nurses and staff at Children’s Hospital Colorado (especially Paige and Becky), Billings Clinic, Peytyn’s oncologist, Dr. Jack Staddon, and a special thank you to all who have donated to Peytyn’s Go Fund Me and benefits that helped make the countless trips to Denver a little more bearable.

Peytyn is survived by her mother and father, Mark and Andrea Moline Christensen of Billings MT, Grandparents, Russ and Mari Christensen of San Tan Valley, AZ Barb and Blain Moline of Billings MT, Aunts and Uncles, Jason and Heather Christensen of Lakewood, CO, Shane and Marisa Christensen Schmidt of Dickinson, ND, Carrie Christensen and Mike Lee of San Tan Valley, AZ, Ryan and Brittney Tierney Christensen of Dickinson, ND, Shannon Moline of Billings, MT, Brandon Moline of Billings, MT, Matt and Alyssa Moline Keehn, of Billings, MT and also survived by numerus cousins.

Peytyn is preceded in death by Great Grandparents, Vernon and Mable Welter Christensen of Plentywood, MT, Lucille Swanson Brown of Glendive, MT, Helen Fjelstad Hart of Halliday, ND and her special friend TJ Munchler of Billings, MT.

Memorials can be sent to Montana Hope Project: P.O. Box 5927, Helena, MT 59604

Funeral services will be held at Harvest Church in Billings Heights on Thursday, February 28th at 3:00pm.  Cremation has taken place at Heights Family Funeral Home.