Nicolas Steven Burt

August 17th 1981

Born in Billings Montana

Nic enjoyed being a Chef in his 20’s until he became a father. He then catered to his children who were the joy of his life.

He graduated from Skyview High School with the class of ‘99.

Nic was a remarkable young man who embodied so much that is good about life and cared about people. He was smart, funny, thoughtful, encouraging, and courageous. He battled illness in the recent years of his life when a young man should be conquering the world. He handled his misfortune with grace and determination that will forever make him a hero in our eyes. He lived fully and passionately in his brief life. He was a brilliant student, a hard worker, a gifted musician, and a compassionate person. He was a caring friend and a deep thinker. He loved his mother and father and demonstrated great love for his grandparents and his large, extended family. Above all Nic was a father to his two sons for whom he sacrificed and devoted his time, energy, and love. The world is a sad place today because Nic has passed, but soon, when our grief abates, when time heals, we will again celebrate his life. We will smile when we remember his laughter, his charm, and his humor. We will be inspired by his courage and wisdom we will be joyful that he was part of our lives and we will hold him in our hearts forever.

Nic is survived by his children Ethan and Alexander Burt, step daughter Amy Morrow, loving parents Ken and Judy Burt, sister Bri Burt and nephew Jordan, his beloved kitty Spartacus, grandparents Bill and Melissa Rains and his closest cousins whom he loved to laugh and joke with and quote movie lines and so many more relatives. You are all loved! Nic was blessed with having many friends in his life and he loved each and every one of YOU!

Service will be held at The Heights Family Funeral Home and Crematory Saturday March 24th at 11am.